Giving is a part of our calling as Christians, it is a part of our worship, our discipleship and our partnership in the gospel. The New Testament does not require us to give a specific amount, but invites us to give cheerfully, willingly and thankfully. Many followers of Jesus understand their giving as a spiritual discipline, and set aside a specific monthly offering to their home church using the automatic payments available through their bank. Others give in a numbered envelope that maintains their anonymity but ensures donations are receipted for tax purposes. (Our church is a registered donee organisation,  so you can claim a tax credit on those donations.)

If we all do our part, our mission and ministries will thrive. If you want to get involved in supporting Eastview:

1. Ask for a giving number: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Set up a monthly AP gift to EBC specifying your unique number in the reference field OR ask for a pack of numbered envelopes.

Account Name: Eastview Baptist Church
Bank: ANZ
Account Number: 06 0169 0066953 00
Branch: Howick

Please note there are two other relevant account numbers: 

Building Fund - 06 0169 0066953 02
Ormiston Community BC - 06 0169 0066953 03

If current donors have an ability to increase that giving, or are in a position to make a one off contribution to general costs, then your generosity will be received gratefully and used wisely. We are committed to trusting God's provision, but also aware that he uses the stewardship of believers as part of his resourcing of the kingdom.

"Giving is a spiritual act. It is a belief in the future, that the future can be good.”

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Night Service

Sunday 23rd July
6:30pm at Eastview

Potluck Dinner

Sunday 6th August
6pm at Eastview

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