At Eastview the Bible is taken seriously, as one of the main ways God has spoken, and still speaks, to his people. The weekly teaching sermon is usually aimed at interpreting what these ancient words meant to hearers 'then and there' and exploring what they might mean 'here and now' in twentyfirst century New Zealand.

As well as the pastors' sermons, we have a range of other speakers from Eastview and beyond to help us in this task of interpreting and applying the scriptures in our daily life.

We've just embarked on a new sermon series entitled "Encounters in John." During this series we'll be working our way through the book of John and asking, "Who are the people who encounter Jesus in the Gospel of John?" and "How do they respond to their encounter?"

Encounters in John

The children's and youth curriculum are also overseen by the Teaching Portfolio, and we aim to integrate adult and children's themes where possible. As a general rule we look at the Gospel in Term One, at Discipleship in Term Two and at Mission in Terms Three and Four.

You can download our Sunday sermons here.


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Neighbours Day Street BBQ
Sunday 24th March
5:30pm at Eastview
CAP Money Course
Begins Thursday 28th March
7:45pm at Eastview

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