"A godshaped life is a flourishing tree” Proverbs 11: 28

At Eastview we want to help people of all ages discover faith, and learn to follow Jesus in daily life.
Church leaders provide training and resources to support people in their spiritual growth.

One way we do this is through encouraging people to be intentional in using spiritual practices or disciplines.
"Practice” means the repeated performance of a task or action regularly over time.
A spiritual practice is exactly what the word suggests, a way to be deliberate about matters of the soul.
Practices we have discovered at Eastview include many different activities and intentions, from Bible Study and Contemplative Prayer, to Hospitality and Caring for Creation. Any specific practice needs to be worked out in our life as an individual, reminding us that God has made us with wonderful variety.


One of our members, Viv Coleman, journals about the faith journey in her regular blog - godshapedlife.

She has also documented our Eastview Mentor and Pastoral Care Training on the godshapedmentoring blog and will add to this as new material becomes available.

To learn more about discipleship practices, about becoming a new follower of Jesus, or about Christian baptism, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“If we do not make formation in Christ the priority, then we’re just going to keep on producing Christians that are indistinguishable in their character from many non-Christians.”
Dallas Willard

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